It’s been a while! I just wanted to make a quick update since, the couple last months were quite an intense time for me, lots of stres but also lots of good things, and I have been thinking about a couple entries I wanted to write about, but thought it may be best if I just talk about what has been primarily on my mind. Continue reading


Not gone!


Just wanted to quickly say I have been away on holidays for most of July plus some stuff happened that kept me occupied elsewhere (nothing too bad, don’t worry!) but I can’t wait to get back into blogging, I actually have a couple of entry ideas lined up, so just letting you know, I am still in to do this :)

I will see you soon!

Spot a fake – how I got (almost) duped buying a Foreo device.

So it is obvious that buying gadgets, or even just things that became popular can be pricey. And it’s even more obvious that if you can find a good deal, you will go for it in order to save some hard earned bucks.

Unfortunately, with the wider access to Chinese knock-offs, sites like Ebay and their equivalents, became awash with opportunists trying to pass them on as the genuine thing.

For me that recently meant that I got a knock-off Foreo Luna Mini 2. I got it on the Polish Ebay equivalent. The auction description mentioned that the seller was getting the devices from a European shop that was closing, therefore could put them up with a discount, however could not guarantee the colour of the device.

It sounded genuine enough, and also the delivery ETA was so short I thought there was no way it would have time to ship from Asia (which sometimes can take up to a month).

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Kylie Cosmetics

Ok, so this year I am checking a lot of things off the list of stuff I wanted to do and so the time came to try out a lot of different cosmetics that previously I thought I’d never get as they are not available in Europe or Poland.

In March, around St Paddy’s there was a sale on Kyliecosmetics’ website, which not only took 20% off the order but also above I think 60$ the shipping fees weren’t applied, so I thought, why not? Continue reading


Guys, it looks as though I kind of dropped the ball on that whole blogging thing.

I think that the problem is that a) my life got completely crazy b) I still don’t quite know what I want to write on the blog.

To be honest though I have been really getting into the whole lifestyle/youtube/gaming/reading/reviewing things movement on the internet and…kind of want to jump onto the wagon :) Continue reading